This Thursday(7/1) is our red, white and blue fun night sponsored by Guy Clark and Cedar Street Sales and Rental. The format will be a 2-man scramble. Holes 1,4 and 7 will be from the red tees, 2,5 and 8 from the whites and 3,6 and 9 from the blues. I will be handing out cards this week as well as taking money if you want to get into skins which will be $10 per team. We aren’t handicapping this event, and there are no points. It’s just a week to relax a little bit. Please DO NOT enter any scores into the app, use scorecards ONLY. Jake will be selling tickets for a 50/50 for 2 drawings and I will be collecting the optional skins money. If all holes cancel out in the skins game, money will be paid out for any eagles that are scored. If there are no eagles, we will treat it like another 50/50 for those entered. There will be a buffet dinner immediately after golf, so try not to play extra holes. Once again, this won’t be handicapped and there is only money on the line if you decide to get into skins. The forecast seems to be improving, if it is a light rain, plan on playing. Next week we will resume regular competition. One last thing, a shout-out to Bob Davis and Geneseo Computers/Payfast Software Solutions for handling our mass texts, it helps us a lot!


Jim Thater