With the IDC-10 change fast approaching on October 1st have you taken the time to make sure you and the office staff are ready for the change? Our team members at Payfast Enterprises have worked hard to make the change that is about to take place as painless and seamless as possible. Everyone in the office from the Doctors to the staffing should be up to date and ready. You can see how quick and easy changes to convert from IDC-9 to IDC-10 will be for the office to handle.

As of this newsletter the current build of Payfast software is 8.24.-15 if you are not on this version and would like to be scheduled to be updated please give us a call at our new support toll free number (844.746.0628) and we will schedule you for an update.

Thank you!

Starting September 1st we will have a new support phone number that is to be used and please do not use other contact numbers so we may better assist you. Our new support number is: 844.746.0628 this is a toll free number.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with any changes coming up.

New Contact Information
Payfast Support Team
Phone: 844.746.0628
Fax: 888.505.8901

Email: payfast@payfastway.com

Payfast Enterprises
126 Main Street
Geneseo, NY 14454